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Gavin Hoole

The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-By-Step Computer Book For Absolute Beginners (Windows 7 Edition)

This .WS website started out in a rather unusual way, and certainly not with the desire to have my own name as the domain name. It is built on the WordPress platform offered as a free plugin by the hosting company.

Somehow, an online network marketing opportunity crossed my path. Having been involved as an associate of an off-line network marketing company in South Africa for some years, I decided to wander over to the website to see if I could get any tips.

To cut a long story short, I took up their 7-day free trial offer which included:

  • a website
  • domain registration and hosting
  • 10 e-mail addresses, plus
  • Online SiteBuilder for building your website, plus
  • WordPress plugin to create your blog/s (which can also be used to build your website if you prefer to use that tio the SiteBuilder) plus
  • Plugin to create your own forum/s, plus
  • an excellent online network marketing commission and bonuses plan.

As many newbies do, I leapt in and took their suggestion to ‘make your own website’ using your own name as the domain name. So here it is, the Gavin Hoole website.

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Website building software for a .WS site

The company does offer a built-in SiteBuilder for creating your website quickly, but I decided to try and do it myself from scratch. Not being a graphic designer, or knowing much about putting a website together, I bumbled along for a while, amid frustration between using the freebie PageBreeze WYSIWYG HTML editing software and later the paid-for Microsoft Expression Web.

WordPress plugin offered at no extra cost

Then the hosting company introduced the additional option of using a WordPress plug-in at no extra cost — plus a plugin forum and several sub-domains — all included in the same low monthly fee. So I clicked on the plugin option and suddenly had WordPress available to me.

That’s when I started putting some better-looking Web pages together, with the help of Cheryl Smith, my co-author of our computer-based books for absolute beginners. Cheryl had already worked a little with WordPress so she could point me in the right direction to get a grasp of the basics of WordPress pretty quickly.

I’ll add some content later about whether I think WordPress is an very good way to go in order to build a website. It all depends on one’s needs, though, and we can explore that aspect later.


Two or more sites for the price of one

Using the free sub-domain option, I have also created a site for info about the South African Learner’s Licence and K53 Driving Licence tests (opens a new window). This means that I currently have two websites for the price of one.

I can add yet another Wordress plugin too, if I wish; but right now I have enough on my plate and having three sites or blogs for the price of one isn’t my priority at present.

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Site content

The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy

Click image to look inside

Without much idea of what my site’s content would be, I started loading it with information about several of the 25+ books I have co-authored over the years with Cheryl (the Really Easy series) and with others (the learner’s and driving licence preparation manuals). It soon started to look like a Gavin Hoole showcase with an egotistical air of me-me-me.

So I have now decided to revamp the site in the hope that, in time, it will indeed start providing some information that visitors may find useful and relevant to some of their own needs.

So, from mid-2012, this website is progressively morphing in nature as this transition takes place in my spare time.



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