Thank You Cheryl Smith, Vancouver

As my very first blog post, I would like to say a big Thank You to Cheryl Smith, my co-author in Vancouver, BC, Canada, for helping me convert my old HTML website to this revamped version using WordPress, and keeping it at the same hosting company, Global Domains International.

With Cheryl’s help and guidance I am starting to learn how to manage WordPress for building a website and not just for blogging. And here I have the best of two worlds – a website and a blog. In fact, with GDI I have the best of three worlds because their package also includes an excellent income-generating affiliate network marketing programme.

So, Cheryl, a big Thank You, and a bigger HUG.


Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith - Artist, Web Designer, Co-author, Illustrator

Cheryl Smith

For more about Cheryl Smith and the books she has been involved with as co-author and illustrator, click on the image or on this link:
Really, Really, Really, Easy Step-by-Step Computer Books – The Authors



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