Network Marketing Online – With GDI

Global Domains International - logo with bullet textNetwork Marketing online is one of the core features offered by Global Domains International (GDI for short).

It is a feature that attracts many people to register their own .WS (WebSite) domain and build a website or WordPress blog with this company, and allows people like you and me to create a monthly residual income by referring others to GDI too.

My own .WS websites with GDI

This website,, is in fact a GDI-registered domain and is built with their free optional WordPress plugin option.They also have a free sitebuilder option, but I opted for the WordPress plugin.

K53 Test Info Website thumbnail previewAt no extra cost, I created a separate WordPress website as a sub-domain of this one. By sub-domain, I mean the website address has the same core domain name (, but with a bit of extra text in front of it – in my case, k53. You can check out my sub-domain (about learner’s licence and driving licence info for my own country, South Africa) at (opens a new window).

I can have several such sub-domains at no extra cost at all. GDI offers much more too, such as their own GDI WordPress blog template and a free forum plugin.

Click the image to see a sample
of the free forum from GDI

Gavin Hoole's GDI Forum

A free GDI WordPress Blog plugin too

In GDI’s website package you can also get the free WordPress plugin to have a separate blog or for building your website if you prefer to use WordPress than the GDI online SiteBuilder software.


GDI’s network marketing system

GDI’s Network Marketing online system is an excellent 5-tier system that is very professionally run by the company. Over the years I have had the odd occasion to contact GDI’s Support service and I have found them to be professional and very helpful indeed. So, I am comfortable that Global Domains International is a good company to be involved with.


Network marketers earn by marketing, not by sitting back

As with all Network Marketing online opportunities, money does not fall out of the sky. A network marketing company typically provides the products and/or services that people want to buy, and in the case of GDI excellent support systems too. But the job of building one’s network income is the job of the network marketer him/herself.

The starting point in this kind of business is to find a reliable company with products or services that people want, and where the nature of the business is such that you earn residual (‘passive’) income every month, not only if and when participants decide to buy something. Customers must buy monthly, and that is what provides a monthly residual income for the company’s affiliates.

A website package, with hosting included, is one such product/service where money is paid, and an income is earned by successful affiliates, every month.


Decide if GDI is for you

So far, I am very happy with GDI. I suggest that you read GDI’s own promo information on the next page and check out their offerings for yourself. See what you think and decide if what GDI has to offer is what you’re looking for. They have a 7-day free trial too, which gives you the opportunity to play with it for a week before you decide to continue. And for what you get, the price is very, very reasonable, as you’ll see.

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