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K53 Learner’s and Driver’s Licence Tests

The Official K53 Pass your Learner's Easily - book's front coverThe New Official K53 Manual for the Learner's and Driver's Licence Tests

Way back in 1984 I wrote the content for a book to help people pass their South African learner’s licence test easily. The project involved three of us and of course a publisher, Struik Publishers.

Little did my co-authors and I know at the time that this radical new book, Pass your Learner’s Easily, would become an annual best-seller for decades to come. In 2011 it is still the best selling book on for people preparing to write the learner’s licence test.

K53 WebsiteArrive Alive WebsiteSince then I have co-authored a number of other books on this topic. And in 2011 I started a new website to include some helpful information that people can access online, including how to choose which study product (book/CD) to use. There are several good ones on the market, so which one is the best for me. At the site I highlight the main differences between each of the books so that the student can decide for himself/herself which one will suit their personality and learning preferences best. I also serve as an ‘expert’ at .


Really Really Really Easy Step-by-Step books

The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Computer Book for Absolute Beginners of All Ages

The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Your Own Family Tree Using A Computer

A few years ago I created the Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-step Computer Book series for absolute beginners of all ages.

The series later expanded into other computer-related areas such as digital photography, creating your own family tree on the computer, building your own website, and online buying and selling. This extension to the range was done with a publisher in the UK.

All these books were written in collaboration with an Internet friend in Canada, Cheryl Smith, who also did the illustrations. (The very first book in the series was co-written with Robynn Hofmeyr, with illustrations done by Cheryl Smith.)


Inner peace and happiness

Unlock Your Happiness WebsiteI’ve always been interested in what one might call spiritual self-improvement, and over the decades I’ve done a lot of experiential exploration in the field of consciousness and meditation.

I favour a simple, holistic approach – one that does not include the trappings and complicated methods promoted by many gurus in the field. I guess this is why I gave myself the label of practical philosopher. I like things to be practical, understandable and also do-able by anyone.

A few years ago I evolved an effective and 100-percent natural form of ‘meditation’ which I use daily, called Conscious Mental Rest which I now offer as an online course via my 200-plus page website at There you’ll find a lot of practical information on how we can enhance the quality of our lives quite easily and naturally, yet profoundly.


My fun website to remember the fifties and early sixties

Rock And Roll Favorites WebsiteI recently created a new fun website to share online with others the early rock ‘n’ roll and pop songs of the 1950’s and early 1960’s. So if you were around in that era, and would like to hear some of your old favourites, click on the image to hop on over to my fun site and choose some songs to listen to.

And if that era was before your time, why not go and listen anyway. The music then was way different from what you hear these days, and many youngsters are saying that it was much better way back then. Click on the image to check it out. Have fun.


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