Conscious Mental Rest

– a 100% natural shift towards mental stillness

For many years I was a ‘searcher’, looking for the experience of unity with that from which we all emerge. I followed several paths, but each time I knew that this one wasn’t the way for me. I came to know inside that I needed to find a way to ‘transcend’ the mental processes and experience my own essence – pure awareness, silent consciousness.

On 22 February 1975 I had that conscious experience, and from that time on I felt I had found the end of the search for the beginning, as I described it then.

I then went on and learned some new ‘advanced’ techniques that built on the same basic technique. These experiences were, at that time, available through the use of certain ‘techniques’ which I used quite effortlessly. Yet they were specific ‘techniques’ nevertheless. All this time I felt that if transcendence were meant to be natural, then why was it necessary to employ techniques, usually learned from an Eastern sage?

Is a ‘technique’ really necessary?

Well, one day, when I had finished my session of meditation, I had an experience that confirmed this notion of mine. I slipped back into silence and bliss without using any technique at all. Eureka! I now knew for sure that it was indeed not necessary (at least, for me) to use any techniques whatever – whether Yogic meditation, mantra meditation, mindfulness meditation, sound frequencies, whatever. Also, it was not necessary to learn from an Eastern guru and strive for ‘enlightenment’.

At last! The experience of transcending the thinking process and thought could now truly be made available to everyone, irrespective of culture, religious beliefs or other perceived differences. At last, those who do not relate easily to Eastern traditions, or using a mantra, or sitting in the lotus position with hands on their knees, could now enjoy the most natural process I knew of for allowing the mind to move towards stillness – and have this experience effortlessly.

Conscious Mental Rest (CMR)

Meditating BlondeAnd so, the process of Conscious Mental Rest could become available to all. I just needed to package it in a way that everyone could have access to it, in its original state, without confusion with techniques of contemplation, concentration, mind control, chanting, mantra repetition, induced brainwave synchrony or whatever else has until now been promoted under the generic banner of ‘meditation’.

Conscious Mental Rest is a 100% natural approach that brings life-changing benefits that anyone can start experiencing from Day 1. It is the foundation of my personal two-edge strategy for enhanced wellbeing, peace of mind and happiness.

Some comments from people who have experienced Conscious Mental Rest:

“…the most effective meditation tool I’ve come across”

“…easier that the Buddhist-type meditation I was using. I actually prefer CMR and really enjoy it.”


“The physical and mental rest seemed to be equally deep, the stress release equally efficient (as Transcendental Meditation)” — Transcendental Meditation Teacher

“I have been using CMR every day since I got it. It’s great. I have been meditating for several years using different techniques but the simplicity of your method is unsurpassable. The explanation / metaphor on your CD regarding the nature of thoughts is outstanding.”

“…it’s a brilliant exposition of the method, so clear and simple. I very much like the three kinds of mental activity explanation and the way you guide the subject into their ‘mental comfort zone’.”

Conscious Mental Attention (CMA)

Complementing the holistic life-enhancing benefits of CMR, is a simple and profound approach to using one’s attention most naturally in daily living in order to create the kind of happy life one truly desires. This simple and profound approach is called Conscious Mental Attention and it is, in a way, what is alluded to in the many books and CDs on the ‘secret’ Law of Attraction. But it is simpler, and more profound, because it bypasses the limitations of mind and is also 100% natural.

Both CMR and CMA are ‘original’, in that they came to me in my own consciousness and not directly from reading books or attending courses; although all books, courses and life experiences I’ve had have no doubt sewn seeds of new awareness and insights in me. These two life strategies are for all intents and purposes as original as anything in life may be called ‘original’. Ultimately, however, they all belong to life itself and I just happened to have the good fortune to recognize them and put pen to paper to structure them in a way that I could share them with friends in a coherent way.

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Conscious Mental Rest

Conscious Mental Attention