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4. How well do you relate to the company’s product/s?

I believe it is absolutely essential that you like and believe in the product/s or service/s you’re promoting. Otherwise you won’t be able to be enthiastic in your marketing; and you’ll know inside yourself that you’re being false. Besides the detrimental effect on your own sense of personal integrity, people you’re marketing to will often be able to sense that too.

5. Monthly payments mean monthly income

The product or service should have an ongoing monthly payment requirement for its customers/clients, like a subscription, or service premium, replenishable consumable products, or such-like. If there is no monthly payment, there will be no monthly income for affiliates either.

The idea is to secure long-lasting customers for the company in order to build up a long-lasting and growing monthly, recurring (‘passive’) income.

If there is no monthly payment for a particular product or service, then another option would be that there must be many in-demand products that people are buying regularly, such as the wide range of products sold at That would enable you to get paid monthly.

However, for duplication and therefore income growth to take place for affiliate network marketing associates, it is usually best to have a definite product or product line and a definite monthly payment/income element in the compensatiuon plan.

6. Would you buy the product or service anyway?

The focus of network marketing is (or should be) the products/services. If you would not buy the products/services yourself if there were no income in it for you at the same time, then you need to ask yourself if this is genuine network marketing company that offers value for money. Or is it a company that offers the promise or hope of riches, with some kind of product in the mix in order to have something on which to ‘hang’ a flimsy commission programme?


Consider these criteria as a package

I’m not suggesting that the company you’re considering must satisfy every single one of these benchmarks 100%. Consider your own needs and preferences. Sometimes you may have specific requirements that other people don’t necessarily have. Nevertheless, all the above poins are important for ensuring the kind of income growth that many hope for in affiliate network marketing.

All the best.

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