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The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-By-Step Computer Book For Absolute Beginners (Windows 7 Edition)

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I guess you could call Gavin Hoole an author and a practical philosopher. And because I am writing this myself, I’ll write in the first-person, rather than pretend someone else is writing the page.  🙂

When I say ‘author’, I don’t mean a writer of exciting novels or less-exciting academic books. My publications are in two main areas: self-help books in practical areas of life, and self-help online content about enhancing one’s quality of life — happiness, peace of mind and such-like.

Most of what I write about is in one way or another intended to be helpful to others. I sometimes also share my view on matters of topical interest.

The most recent manual to appear on the shelves of retailers and online booksellers in South Africa, the UK and New Zealand is The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-By-Step Computer Book (Windows 7 Edition) for absolute beginners of all ages.

This book follows on from the earlier editions for Windows 98 and Windows XP, both of which had a Book 1 and a Book 2.

The other fairly recent release is The New Official K53 Manual that helps people who are preparing for the South African learner’s and driver’s licence tests.


My books and stuff

Through my various websites and over 25 published books I have helped many people to:

  • The Official K53 Learner's and Driver's Made Easy

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    prepare for the South African learner’s and driving licence tests, via a range of user-friendly published manuals for this purpose, together with additional useful information on this subject, which is available at my site k53.GavinHoole.ws and the K53 Test Info Facebook Page. (Links open in a new window.)

  • master the basics of using a computer, via my really easy, user-friendly, step-by-step instruction manuals for absolute beginners, which include UK-published manuals on:
    • digital-photography
    • creating your own computerised family tree
    • building your own website from scratch, as well as a book for getting a handle on
    • online buying and selling;
  • experience a better quality of life by teaching a practical method for unlocking one’s inner potential and expanding consciousness via what I regard as the two keys to happiness;
  • improve physical and financial well-being via some health and wealth programmes with which I am involved;
  • build one’s own stable online business by turning your passion into income.


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